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MNetBox Edge20

Up to 20 users supported

Starting from 1800 €, the abilities to set up on-demand virtual network functions (router IPv4 / IPv6, Wi-Fi Access Point IP/OpenFlow, Network Monitoring, Firewall, LSR (Label Switch Router), PBX, OpenFlow Controller, OpenFlow Switch, VPN, etc.) and several access to Cloud services. The optimal solution to accelerate network deployment and an intuitive access to the Cloud service for your business. The current version MNetBox Edge20 supports up to 20 users.

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MNetBox RackMount100

Up to 100 users supported

Starting from 2900 €, an adapted solution for your business using your network infrastructure already in place to accelerate the connections with Cloud services within the enterprise. Several services are proposed: storage (NAS Cloud), games (console), encryption, Cloud platform access, IP TV (Set-top box), compute (cluster), Big Data access, etc. More additional services will be supported in our Cloud access very soon. The current MNetBox RackMount version RackMount100 supports up to 100 users.

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MNetBox Cloud

Online access to your network and Cloud services

A coming solution giving users a web access as a portal to join directly their Cloud services. On demand and flexible inter-Cloud Communications establishment. More additional services will be supported in our Cloud access very soon.

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The MNetBOX solution

Guaranteed access to your IT services.

Setting up MNetBox solution in the network (VirtuOR)

Installation and some examples of using the MNetBox in the local network of a company

On demand and flexible Cloud services for your business needs

The MNetBox manages and controls the network Apps on behalf of a company users. Numerous App Network are available in the first version; many more will follow.

Cloud services within easy reach in one Click

The MNetBox Apps could be classified into two categories: The Cloud access Apps and the network Apps known as Network Function Virtualization (NFV). Depending on the maximum number of concurrent users, we propose several types of MNetBox. Hence in a few minutes, you can deploy your selected services through MNetBox portal: Storage, Game, VoIP, Switches, SDN Controllers, Routers, etc.